Our Digital Marketing is tailored to building audience engagement, generating quality leads and enhancing your brand.

Our favourite tools:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords 
  • Google Data Studio
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linked Ads
  • Campaign Monitor

Our favourite platforms:

A successful Digital Marketing strategy is founded on understanding an audience and tailoring the User Experience based on quantifiable objectives.

For the team at PurcellYoon, a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy underpins all our creative decisions. We believe that a well formed and strategic Digital Marketing plan, including Search Optimisation, must be established before any design, development, or advertising executions are initiated.

By developing a Digital Marking plan as a priority, all messaging, tone, colours and theme choices will be consistent, and the potency of the digital content will be amplified. An audience will remember, develop a positive emotional attachment and feel compelled to make subsequent interactions when the messages they receive speak to them personally and do so with an unwavering theme and tone.

To ensure a Digital Marketing strategy is as effective as possible, it is most important to recognise the target audience. We must understand who you are communicating with, what will trigger their interests and what will encourage them to engage. Once the audience profile is clearly established, PurcellYoon works meticulously with our partners to ensure the Digital Strategy represents them, inspires an audience and, most importantly, delivers positive commercial outcomes and a return investment.

Digital Marketing, combined with audience data tracking and analytics highlights new opportunities, qualifies investment decisions and leads to improved Audience Experience.

At PurcellYoon we live and breathe tangible audience tracking data. Besides high levels of conversion, which is without doubt the fundamental goal, time spent reading content, viewing images and video, following links, sharing on social media platforms and click-through rates are fundamental data-points that must be recorded, consolidated and examined methodically.

Audience tracking and analytics provide perceptible queues and insights that empower us to refine web site copy, enhance advertising text, magnify calls-to-action, verify appealing imagery and ensure new content is developed inline with the audience’s desires.

Digital marketing is at its most effective state once the prospective audience has been accurately identified and we have developed a blueprint approach keeping that audience interested, entertained and engaged.

Paid Ads and Search Optimisation are key components of Digital Marketing. However, success is guaranteed through masterful Web Design, Web Development and User Experience.

Through a flood of digital information and content, a successful Digital Marketing implementation must call-out to the audience and engender an elevated feeling of agency; the audience must be compelled to engage. However, all subsequent messaging must be concise, consistent and be exactly as expected by the audience.

Too often the audience’s expectation doesn’t meet reality and the opportunity is missed, that potential lead is lost, and, as equally unfortunate, is the wasted costs involved in the acquisition. At PurcellYoon, we continuously endeavour to ensure content quality and messaging meets or exceeds the audience expectation.

Working with PurcellYoon, every advertising campaign and social media share is accompanied by a specific and targeted landing page, which is supported by informative and topical articles, that include deep-links. All digital marketing campaigns are intuitively tracked and measured using best-in-class audience behaviour and analytics reporting platforms.

Everything we create is personal, unique and lovingly conceived with you as our partner.

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