August 2020

Online Training & Certification for Nanosonics

Nanosonics has developed a unique automated disinfection technology, which is the first major innovation in high level disinfection for ultrasound probes in more than 20 years.

Sector: Health Care - ASX: NAN - Market Cap: 1.9B - Website:

What we did:

  • Structural Proposal and Sitemap
  • Visual Design and Interface
  • Content Management and administration
  • Hosting Infrastructure Design
  • Multi-language / multi-region content


  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Umbraco CMS & C# .NET
  • Bootstrap3 & jQuery front-end
  • Git Source Control


Since Nanosonics’ launched the original trophon™ disinfection unit, it has been essential that customers complete a basic certification to ensure they use the product safely and effectively.

PurcellYoon was commissioned to provide an enterprise level, secure, stable, scalable and multi-lingual learning portal for the scores of global trophon™ users.


The original trophon™ training portal was developed using simplistic components of the consumer focused Adobe Business Catalyst platform. The original portal couldn’t efficiently or intuitively support multiple regions, languages, organizational workflow or the nuances of a multi-national corporation.

The rebranding and development of a new training portal required technology that would support significant membership growth, unrestricted language and cultural diversity, flexibility of exam questions, training documentation, educational videos and multi-regional administrative workflow.

Above all, the training portal needed to have a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that was suitable for a platform that wasn’t directly revenue generating, but essential for product efficacy and long-term customer engagement.


PurcellYoon proposed an Umbraco CMS 7 solution to solve Nanosonics’ training portal requirements.

Although Umbraco CMS is considered an all-purpose Content Management Solution (CMS), not specifically an online training platform, its technological flexibility, coupled with in-built multi-region and language support, high-traffic stability, prestigious history of security, open-source licensing and highly configurable per-page data schema, Umbraco offered a robust platform for delivering all business objectives.


With minor and creative customisation of Umbraco’s dynamic, in-built content schema construction, PurcellYoon was able to create a low-cost, intuitive and scalable training portal.

Nanosonics’ training portal confidently supports over 80,000 members completing annual certification in French, German, Japanese and English.

The PurcellYoon solution has delivered an extremely low operational cost, continues to accommodate both business expansion and new product releases and has maintained 99.9% uptime throughout several years of corporate global growth.

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